The following groups are for support, Q&A, mutual aid, sharing information, and/or local advocacy efforts. Each group has different rules about who can join. Be sure to answer any membership questions presented when you ask to join.

This list is a work in progress. More will be added, and better organization is in the works!


To see a selection of Fragrance Free groups on Facebook, use this link, which will search Facebook using the keywords fragrance+free and the filter for Groups.

Here are some reputable Facebook groups we’re familiar with:

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Scent and Fragrance Allergy Board

EI Safe Housing

Join a Local/regional Facebook group (usually these are only open to local people):

Fragrance Free Friends of Rhode Island

Fragrance Free Friends of Bryan/College Station, TX

Fragrance Free Friends of Central Oregon

Fragrance Free Friends of Minnesota

Fragrance Free Friends of Southern Vermont

Fragrance Free Friends – Ohio Tri-Sate

Fragrance Free Friends Alabama

Fragrance Free Friends South East and South Central PA Pennsylvania

Fragrance Free Friends of Southern California

If you wish to start a local Facebook group for your area following the Fragrance Free Friends model:
FIRST please join Fragrance Free Friends Admins. This will give you the best shot at success with your new group. Local groups have the potential to help in ways that the big groups cannot, but you’ll need to learn best practices in order to harness this potential. The admins group provides: (1) very important setup guidance, (2) a way to identify other admins/areas (so you don’t duplicate efforts), and (3) a way to announce your new group so we can publicize it here and elsewhere.

Other Groups: is the website of a Maryland area support group that has meetings in person, by phone, and online. Membership is not geographically restricted. The website is not super-updated, so it is advisable to get on their e-mail list by contacting Warren at{at}}