If you want to help make the world safe for canaries, you’re in the right place! Over the coming weeks we will add to this collection of sample documents, sample letters, and links to activism groups you can get involved in. Please don’t be shy, we need you even if your efforts are sporadic, because… IT ALL ADDS UP!

Flyers and Posters

To get you started, here’s a basic introductory flyer you can print and give to healthcare facilities, businesses, family, friends, or colleagues. Clicking the link will download a full resolution printable pdf. If you have trouble printing it, try opening it using the free Acrobat viewer instead of your web browser.

Here’s a preview of the flyer:

Thumbnail image of Flyer for MCS and fragrance allergy

The poster below is interactive in its digital form, providing clickable links to the research backing up the info. Clicking the image will take you to the source,, which has a full-size interactive version featuring clickable links to the research backing up the information!. E-mail this website link to people and businesses you need to educate, OR print it to use as a traditional poster.

Social Media

Fragrance Free Coalition on Facebook is a group of people working to increase access to healthcare facilities and other public spaces. This is not a support group. Join if you want to help out by taking action.

Fragrance Free Respect on Facebook provides graphic posts (memes) to be shared.

Clean Air Email Campaign on Facebook offers timely notices and guidance when messages are needed to support change.

Place-based Facebook groups are an excellent place to collaborate on making change. See a list of local/regional Fragrance Free Friends groups on our Support page.

Email Lists

Vermonters are invited to sign up for Clean Air Action Alerts. Get timely notices of Vermont initiatives that need your voice of support. Join by emailing freethecanaries{at}} with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Include your first and last name.

Sample letters

Coming soon!

Quick and Easy

Here are some little things you can do whenever you feel up to it, with no planning or commitment, often anonymously. It might not seem like much, but when many of us do these things, IT ALL ADDS UP!

Take Surveys
When you get a survey invitation, take it. Nine times out of ten, you can find a way to mention the need to reduce fragranced sanitizers and other volatile chemicals in a store, warehouse, delivery service, public service facility, etc.

Inquire about Fragrance-Free
When you see a workshop or class advertised, especially at a healthcare facility or another crucial service provider, call or email them and ask if the meeting space is fragrance-free. It probably is not; but you’re not actually trying to attend, you’re educating. Be prepared to say in one or two sentences what you mean by fragrance-free (“Do you avoid air fresheners and essential oils, do you clean with unfragranced products?”)

Express Thanks
If you go to a store or other place that is using fragrance-free hand sanitizer, say thank you or email them afterwards to praise this practice. If their bathroom has fragrance-free soap and no air fresheners or “toilet mints”, let them know how much it means to you!