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Here are some online resources accessible to the general public that you might be interested in:

The Chemical Sensitivity Podcast
Amplifying voices of people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and research about the illness. Founded and hosted by Aaron Goodman, Ph.D.

My Chemical Free House, Corinne Segura’s excellent website about safe products and materials for building, repairing, and equipping your home.

California Dept of Public Health Database that lets you look up ingredients of specific personal care products. Though it’s called the “Safe Cosmetics Program”, it is not just about makeup! Includes aftershaves, deodorants, baby products, and more.

Fragrance Free Friends USA public Facebook page

Fragrance Free Friends Canada (unaffiliated with us):

Chemical Sensitivity Foundation:

MCS Friends, a 501c3 nonprofit organization:

MCS Referral and Resources:

National Council on Independent Living‘s Environmental Health Barriers Toolkit: